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"The Grand Adventures of Paddy and Fenway” is a story that revolves around a young boy, his dog, and their ever growing pursuit of imagination, excursion and adventure. 


After enduring a freak accident at the beginning of the summer, little Paddy learns that his school vacation will be cut short by a broken arm; no rough housing, no swimming, and no fun! In an attempt to cheer him up, Paddy’s parents surprise him with a new friend to keep him company.


Paddy lets his imagination run wild as the adventures begin with his new pal. Follow Paddy and Fenway into the jungles of the Amazon on their first ever adventure in this colorful story of friendship and magic!


The Grand Adventures of Paddy and Fenway is a fun read for children ages 7-12. It is a great beginners chapter book for children to read with parents or on their own.


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Patricia Gonzalez
Patrick Armstrong
Ciro W. Romero



My name is Patricia, but people call me Patty. For as long as I can remember all I have ever wanted to do is entertain people. What a better audience to start with than children! Their imaginations are bright and lively!  I love reading, writing, photography and being with family and friends in my spare time. 




My name is Patrick Armstrong and I am truly a kid at heart. In my spare time I enjoy hanging with my two best-friends, Fenway Armstrong and Patricia Gonzalez. In addition, I enjoy collecting and selling vintage action figures from my childhood. However, at the end of the day, my passion is baseball; which makes being an Emmy award winning Producer at MLB Network, that much fun.



My name is Ciro W. Romero and I draw pictures.  I draw a lot of them and I’ve been doing it since I was about 4 years old.  Drawing allows me to create absolutely anything I can imagine and I find that absolutely fascinating.  On my spare time I enjoy drinking espresso with my wife and playing banjo.


Check out more of Ciro's work by clicking on his picture!

Fenway Armstrong



My name is Fenway Armstrong. I enjoy chasing after squirrles, playing in the dog park and hanging out with my mom and dad. In my spare time, I enjoy chewing and ripping apart all of my toys.

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