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We love and welcome any and all feedback. Leave us a comment and we will be sure to feature it here on the website! Check out some of the positive words from these readers:











I got 2 copies of this book, one for my 11 year old nephew and one to read to my 4 year old son. Both of them have loved the book, so I can recommend it to a wide range of age groups and reading levels. It is fun, fast paced and I hope we get to hear more from Paddy and Fenway soon.

-Kevin D., Oklahoma (7/27/15)



What a great story! My 5-year-old nephew loved it. He even named his stuffed dog Fenway. Jack can't wait for the next Adventure and I can't wait to read it with him!

-Karen G., NewJersey (7/27/15)


The Grand Adventures of Paddy and Fenway is an absolutely fun filled book that makes you wish you were a kid again. Reminding you just how powerful and important imagination is to our childhoods. This exciting adventure story is accompanied by big beautiful pictures that not only kids will love but adults will too. You'll be left wanting to know what explorations Paddy and Fenway will get into next!

-Michael F., New York (7/27/15)



Great read! Loved reading this to our little one! Great stories and she enjoyed finding all of the jelly beans at the end!

-Michael C., Pennsylvania (7/26/15)


Paddy and Fenways is an adorable adventure to follow! My daughter is 18 months old and she just enjoys the wonderful pictures. My niece is 6 and enjoying the story, her favorite is (of course) Fenway! I highly recommend paddy and fenway to all kids to matter the age!

-Kelli W., Pennsylvania (7/26/15)



This book has so much going for it - it's great for all ages!! The story itself is adventurous and the illustrations are captivating. My 2nd grader and I have read it 3x and we keep going back to it! Hope to see more work from this author, and soon!!-

-K Martin., Rhode Island (7/26/15)



I have two kids, Sofia 10 and John 6. They absolutely love the book ! All they want is book # 2 !....more adventures of Paddy and Fenway please !

-Steven H., California (7/26/15)


LOVE Paddy and Fenway! Too cute! Wish I could, "tail it" down to Hoboken to give you two a kiss! Xoxo

-Robyn F., Massachusetts (6/23/15)


Patty We haven't met yet. Kathy has been raving about the book. She's bringing me a few copies tomorrow to buy. Can't wait. The page is great. Good luck. Love Wendy

-Wendy B., Rhode Island (5.27.15)


Such a creative story line. Filled with imagination, action and fun. A great chapter book for young readers and an interesting read aloud for younger ears.

-Kathy A., Rhode Island (5.28.15)


Love this story. Best of luck with it all. Very Creative!!

-Priscila P., New Jersey (6/1/15)

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